Global freight Gate covers intermodal sea transport from door to door in a time definite enviroment. High quality and efficiency is based on long-term contracted relationships with reliable carriers and are bundled with customized pre and on-carriage arrangement.


As one of the leaders in the Air freight industry, we offer global reach, global strength and global expertise. We have partnership agreements with most major carriers worldwide, providing access to competitive pricing and capacity.


Global freight Gate offers the complete range of road transportation services with one-stop-shopping. Our reliable fleet of sub – contractors provides for maximum flexibility in these times. We are specialists when it comes to land transport on road.


Global freight Gate arranges import / export customs clearance for air, sea and inland services. Our customs clearance team is fully aware of all applicable custom regulations and rules at all ports and there able to handle any extensive obstacles concerning clearance.


Global freight Gate offers full stevedoring facilities at all ports, supplement by our extensive range of specialist equipment. Complete control over the discharge operations enable us to provide our customers with fast, efficient, quality handling, including the option of flexible working hours. Moreover we can arrange handling for 24 hours straight in order to minimize turn time for the vessel at port efficiently.


Strategically positioned storage, quayside terminal operations and nationwide distribution from an integral part of Global freight Gate services, for both international and domestic freight movements . Global freight Gate handling experience covers a vast range of products from small parcels to containers and bulk commodities - forest products, metals, chemicals, dangerous goods, explosive, personal effects, printed matter, white goods, and consumables etc...


We offer integrated turnkey project forwarding solutions for all Worldwide locations, whether central or remote and inaccessible. Our services involve a dedicated team of specialists to plan, engineer and organize the logistics transaction.


Global freight Gate undertake container management on behalf of container shipping lines, overseeing the import / export container operations including documentation, inspection, daily reporting of container movements, manifest date input, liaison with service providers and with customs authorities.


Through the combination of Global freight Gate various services, coverage of the whole logistics process along the supply chain can be provided. Accordingly, we would take your cargo ex- site to the delivery point, thus offering our customers one-stop logistics solutions.

What are the key benefits that we offer to our customers


We have a unique record for the excellence of our services. We have developed long - term relationships with our customers. We use our experience and expertise to provide them with the highest quality services at all times. They know that they can trust us to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. Quite simply once "they entrust their business to us we treat it as if it was our own".


No matter how large or small the frieght is, one-off or a regular consignment, we can manage the whole process for you. More and more companies are realizing the benefits to be enjoyed by our sourcing. We provide a tailor-made package for hands off approach for companies who wish to outsource their warehousing, packing, distribution, storage & shipping. We use our experience and to ship smarter-providing our customers with the highest quality services.


The area of logistics, especially internationally with the potential problems associated with working across time zones trans-shipment and customs etc., can be an extremely complex one and exceptionally time consuming. At Global freight Gate we handle the whole logistics process-freeing you from the time consuming arrangements necessary for successful deliveries. 'Our experience and our worldwide network of agents and partners enable us to anticipate potential problem areas. Quite simply, we aim to solve them before they arise. Our priority to ensure that your delivery arrives on time, every time.


Call us at anytime to find out the status of your delivery. You won't get a call waiting service or any sort of automated system.You will speak to a human being who will be able to update you of the status of your consignment or provide you with any other information you need. We use the latest computerized systems to enhance the service that we offer...never to replace it.


The quality of the service that Global freight Gate offers is the key factor in our continued success. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our highly committed team, who serve customers that are looking for the highest quality in terms of relationships and requirements.We believe that, in a fast changing World, our customers need a safe pair of hands into which they can entrust their business. When working with Global freight Gate there is peace of mind that you have got exactly that whenever, whatever & wherever. Our forward looking-and dynamic approach means that we never stand still. We constantly review and develop our services to match our customer's needs and expectations.


Global freight Gate is truly independent free to seek out the very best routes, rates and services for our customers.Our experience means that we can select the best modes of transport and routes for your consignments. In addition, the volumes of business that we handle mean that we can negotiate the best possible rates for you.As a result, you benefit from the most efficient and cost effective service possible: • Safely • In perfect condition • At the right time and place • All within budget • Customer focused professionalism • Industry Leading performance • Trust respects and integrity deliver • our commitments

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